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Where Can You Ride?


Horse riding in the Forest is now regulated by licence with the exception of a few areas in the northern parts that have Public Bridleways running through them. Everyone who rides in the Forest is required to have displayed on their horse a current licence which is obtainable from the The View

6 Rangers Road
London E4 7QH

Licences cost £56 annually, from 1st April with a reduction for part-yearly licences. £7 for a weekly licence

Licences can be shared by up to 3 riders with prior notification.

Throughout the forest, there are over 30 miles of 'gravel' tracks and posted rides which are kept open permanently, unless requiring repair.

In the south of the Forest Leyton Flats are open for free range riding all year unless they flood, which hasn't happened in the last 10 years!

In Spring, subject to weather conditions and the state of the ground. The Forest north of a line which runs down Bury Road, turns east along Rangers Road, then turns north up Epping New Road until the Robin Hood Roundabout and then runs down Earl's Path, is opened for free range riding.The Forest is then usually kept open until adverse ground conditions requires it to be 'shut'.

A free map showing this area is obtainable from the Visitors Centre.

A few small areas are kept `out of bounds' to horse riders due to them being of an antiquity nature or subject to severe erosion. These areas are likewise shown on the map and are also sign-posted.

There are many car parks that can be used by visiting riders to un-box horses and are also shown on the free map.

Apart from the free map there is also an excellent OS map to a scale of 3½" to the mile that shows most of the rides and car parks along with all the usual features of an OS map together with the Forest shown in distinctive green.

Buffer Lands
Some 700 acres of land north of the Forest are owned by the City of London and whilst not part of the Forest provide links for wildlife between the Forest and the wider countryside. These links also help to protect the Forest from development pressure. The Buffer Lands are shown on the OS map by yellow shading.

Several areas of the Buffer Lands have been opened up for horse riding, namely the Warlies and Woodredon Estates, There is no 'free-range' riding as such but riders have an extensive route of bridleways and permissive rides to enjoy. Detailed maps are available from the Visitors Centre. These areas will be shut when the weather makes ground conditions unrideable. 

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