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Our Code of Conduct

1. Do obey the Regulations and Bye laws, especially display of your licence.

2. Do keep to posted rides and surfaced tracks in permanently restricted areas and all areas when winter restrictions are in force.

3. Do remember that some people are not familiar with horses and find their presence frightening. ALWAYS pass pedestrians slowly, especially in wet conditions.

4. Do always wear a hard hat fastened correctly that complies with relevant standards and sensible footwear.

5. Do make sure your tack and equipment is in good order before setting out.

6. Do ask other riders if you may pass or canter in front of them.

7. Do not canter up behind other riders.

8. Don't canter past walkers or cyclists.

9. Do thank other people who are considerate to you, especially car drivers, mountain bikers and dog owners.

10. Do report people misusing the forest to The Warren. (0208 532-1010)

11. Do ride sensibly on the roads and remember the Highway Code.


When you meet horseriders in the forest, please remember :

* In many parts of the forest, horses are not allowed off the tracks - so please GIVE WAY to them.

* Please CALL OUT ("Can I come past?") when coming up behind a horse rider - you travel so quietly that they may not know you are there!

* Horses are easily startled, so please STOP and WAIT if a rider is having trouble.

* Please PASS WIDE and SLOW. Remember a horse can suddenly swing across your path, if anything frightens it .

* Please SLOW DOWN when coming to a blind bend and consider who could be round the corner.

* Please WATCH OUT when going DOWNHILL - ' horses like to go up at speed as much as you like to go down!

* Be CAREFUL if You ride at NIGHT - horses may be frightened by your lights.

The Epping Forest Riders Association believes that there is room for everyone to enjoy Epping Forest. As riders, we must all co-operate to AVOID ACCIDENTS - to ourselves, our bikes and our horses - not to mention all the other users of Epping Forest.

Our Association would like to be informed of any general problems that mountain bike riders have with horses. Please contact the email address below.


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